Laser Survey Instrument Upgrade Kit


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You Upgrade Your Unit
Do you already own a Leica Disto E7400X or Disto X310 and wish to purchase the circuit board and other hardware to upgrade it to a DistoX2? We have the kit necessary to turn your base unit into a lean, mean survey machine. After you complete the conversion, your DistoX2 will take distance, azimuth, and inclination measurements. These values can then be transferred to a tablet for storage and plotting. The upgrade will also eliminate the need for changing out AAA batteries as the upgrade includes a conversion to micro USB charging. 

The kit includes:
1 upgrade board
1 battery
1 charge connector (micro USB)
1 non-magnetic board screw
6 non-magnetic body screw
2 non-magnetic screen screws

This conversion is not related to or endorsed by Leica Geosystems AG. Opening your Disto and performing any modification will likely void the manufacturer’s warranty. Proceed at your own risk.


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