Laser Survey Instrument

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Laser Survey Instrument
With the Laser Survey Instrument, you will be able to measure distance, azimuth, and inclination with a press of a button.  This product is an upgrade to discontinued models of range finders. We source both new and used instruments. Some units may have cosmetic signs of use, but the unit has been tested as fully functional. 

Find the owner’s manual here:

This conversion is not related to or endorsed by Leica Geosystems AG. Opening your Disto and performing any modification will likely void the manufacturer’s warranty. 

3 reviews for Laser Survey Instrument

  1. Georgia Schneider

    Super helpful!

  2. Christian DeCelle (verified owner)

    Got mine a bit ago! Works well. Very pleased!

  3. Adam Byrd

    I bought my own components and had a buddy assemble mine when the X2 first came out, but the solder joints failed on the USB board after a few charging cycles. WV Underground resoldered and upgraded my unit with electronic potting compound and I’ve since had zero issues with solder joints. They also diagnosed and swapped out a failing magnetometer after my unit wouldn’t hold a calibration. Excellent service and professional quality.

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